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I'm Brennan. I'm a director, writer, and editor in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

After graduating from Grand Valley State University with a degree in Film & Video Production and producing video content for companies and agencies around the West Michigan area, I'm now working as a freelance filmmaker and video creator.

I've written, directed, edited several award-winning films that have played in festivals all over the country, like Capital City Film Festival and the Rode Reel Film Festival, the largest online film festival in the world. I'm also a member of the independent film collective 640 Films.

I'm a tirelessly creative and innovative voice in film, whose intuition on and off set makes movies that stand apart in every element, script to screen.

Now let's check out some stuff!


Commercial REEL

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I produce super high-quality commercial content that accentuates the most important part of every brand and story. From on-set design and expertise to post-production editing and graphic, I can craft a unique message for a brand with a high standard of excellence.


In addition to commercial work, I'm extremely passionate about crafting stories with film. I excel at telling unique and personal stories with large-production looks on small scale budgets.

All of these films were writen, directed, and edited by me as well. If you're looking for live-action, story-driven content, check out any of these below!

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